I am in Afghanistan & I have a US bought tv. The cable in my bldg is Indian which is ran from the wall, will this box covert my tv to PAL specs.

Yes, this converter will convert your PAL signal from your cable through the wall to NTSC so it can be displayed on the US TV.

If I want to use this for tv will I need a tv tuner?

This converter simply converts broadcast signal from PAL to NTSC. It is required when you are using an NTSC TV in a country where PAL or PAL G is the broadcast signal. You need a TV antenna and a receiver or decoder as the source for this device. See XD-1190 for built in TV tuner.

How hot does this unit get in standby?

There are no cooling vents on the unit. Unit does not get very hot at all and if you are worried about using it where there is no ventilation, I wouldn’t be worried about that at all. The “wall-wort” (detachable low voltage power supply) does get warm (as every one I’ve ever seen does), but this is only at the bulky part which plugs directly into the wall outlet and which is at the other end of a 4-6 ft cord whose small (and cool) end plugs into the Orei HD-102 itself.

I have a Panasonic plasma TV, I hear a click sound, what is wrong?

Make sure the Audio setting on your TV is set to PCM sound format, if your TV doesn’t support PCM format this audio converter will not work.

Will this work to connect Headphones to a TV that has NO Optical out/ No Audio out and all RCA’s are INPUT only ?

This device converts digital sound (optical or coaxial) coming out of your tv to analog sound. If you don’t have any audio out from your tv then you don’t have anything to connect to the input side of the device. So no, this device cannot help you. Sorry.