Experiencing a problem with OREI product

If you are experiencing a problem with Orei LLC product, we recommend the following procedures:

1. Please refer to our YouTube page. We have created a video for all of our products to help guide customers and help you understand more about our products. Chances are that you may be able to resolve your problem without having to call our technician or to send the unit back to us.

2. If you still cannot resolve your problem, please email us at info@orei.com

3. If you are still experiencing problems with your unit after troubleshooting, and our Technician has determined that your unit needs to be repaired or exchanged, we will help you determine if your unit is under Warranty based on the date of purchase.

The Technician will then give you two options:

1. You can send it back to the seller who sold you the unit for repair. (You will need to call them before shipping unit to them).

Please note that in order to have your merchandise repaired and replaced by warranty, you must contact our customer service representative by phone or email, and get RMA number.

In the United States for support or technical questions within USA, please contact info@orei.com

Once a RMA Number is issued, you will be responsible for:

1. Shipping both ways (it is recommended you ship with insurance, and double box your packages, Orei LLC is not responsible for lost or damaged packages).

2. Proof of purchase such as a copy of original receipt, which must have purchase date that falls in the warranty period specified in the Warranty card.

3. All of the accessories that came with the product package must be sent along with the main unit.

4. The RMA number issued by our customer service rep must be written on the mail package, along with return address.

It will take approximately 3 to 4 weeks to process, from the date of receipt. And the repaired, or replacement unit will be delivered to customer by UPS. Please make sure the return address must be deliverable by UPS. (NO PO BOX Please)

*In order to have your merchandise repaired and replaced by warranty, you must contact our Customer Service representative by phone or email, and get RMA number.*If a unit is sent to the Service Center or Factory as a Warranty unit, but is subsequently determined to have out-of-warranty damage according to the Warranty policy, the unit will be considered Out-of-Warranty and Out-of-Warranty charges will apply.

*We offer 1 Year Limited Warranty on all of our products. We are not responsible for damages to other products that are not manufactured by us which may have been damaged by our product.

PLEASE NOTE: Your warranty card is not considered your receipt. So please be sure to send a copy of all receipts with your units for future warranty work.