In recent years, laptop manufacturers have really worked on making the laptops thinner, smaller, and lighter, but the number of built-in external ports has been minimized. This is where a multi- connection hub comes into play. A hub or adaptor helps you attach DVD drives, phone chargers, external hard drives, external displays, or a projector for meetings.

With ample choice of USB-C adapters and hubs available in the market, it’s hard to understand which product really offers the best features and consists of good quality, making it a durable investment.

If you are on the lookout for a compact and affordable connector that also offers premium features, we recommend the all-new OREI USB-C2HDMI Hub for a smooth experience.  

A well-established brand in the field of audio-video electronics, OREI is a name you can trust never to disappoint you. And with OREI USB-C2HDMI Hub, the company has taken their game one notch higher.

This lightweight and straightforward USB-C2HDMI Multiport features a full metal enclosure that’s aluminum, which really reduces outside interference from causing any issues, and it makes it really durable. You will love the rounded edges too, because it slides into a bag really quickly. It is highly portable with a lightweight design flitting effortlessly into your laptop bag or a carrying case. The multiport features a short heavy-duty cable that has a good strain relief. 

The adapter lets you hitch the video capabilities built into your USB 3.1 Type-C connection to deliver the astonishing quality of ultra-HD and your 4K display. It comes with a 4K@60Hz Multi-Functional HDMI USB 3.0 Hub, which essentially means the hub supports 4K video at up to 60 frames, which is enough to maintain the proper resolution of your mirrored screen on a larger monitor. Also, the connector is backward compatible with 1080p displays, which makes it a great accessory for office, home or other workspace applications.


OREI USB-C2HDMI Hub supports and is fully compatible with DP1.4 ALT mode. The Alt Mode allows the USB-C port to transfer data/video via multiple interfaces, including the increasingly popular DisplayPort video interface. Therefore, you can easily connect your videos sources like PCs, Region Free Blu-Ray players and display devices like TVs, projectors, etc. that support DisplayPort to each other through the USB-C port to broadcast high-definition video.

Additionally, unlike many other models in the market, one key benefit of this hub is that there are no drivers or software installations required to install. Basically, the minute you plug in your connection in the port, the ports become active and get compatible with the operating system; it’s that easy and quick.

Another feature that further bolsters its overall flexibility is its Power Delivery 3.0 technology. This device allows a two-way charging system where an external device will get charged through the USB-C port. In addition, the USB-C port can also input power from a connected device to charge itself. Therefore, you can charge your mobile phones, camera, and other external devices simply by plugging them in the port.

Usually, the hubs come with 40 watts or 60 watts of power supply which isn’t enough current to actually supply external power to the USB and build a stable connection around those hubs. OREI USB-C2HDMI Hub comes with 100 watts of PD external power, which helps transfer enough power from the USB-C port to both the USB-A ports while charging the external devices.

You can easily connect your external keyboard, mouse, video cameras, printers, portable media players, etc. via the USB-A ports. The hub comes with 2 USB-A 3.0 Ports which in principle means it’s thunderbolt 3 compatible. Thunderbolt 3 compatibility ensures that there is a secure and high-speed connection. The speed with which the data is transferred between these two ports and those external devices is five gigabits (5Gbps) which is an excellent speed. Alongside, the USB-A ports support 5V 0.9A power supply capacity. 

The hub is compatible with all the latest devices like MacBook, MacBook Pro, Lenovo Yoga, or Chromebook Pixel laptop.

OREI has really thought after every possible end-user requirement and made a great quality connector that essentially does everything. If you’re looking for a way to expand a single USB-C connection into some external connections for a monitor or USB-A ports, this is the perfect hub to go with. It’s lightweight, well-built, and serves its true purpose as a connector hub while not burning a hole in your pocket.

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September 29, 2021 — Bombay Staff

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