As its name suggests, it extends the signals (also known as Balun). An Extender consists of two parts:
1) Transmitter. 2) Receiver

1) Transmitter: The transmitter is a device which sends the signals to the receiver. When we connect the HDMI cable with the HDMI input of the transmitter then signal transmits to the receiver via the CAT ports.

2) Receiver: The signals is sent from transmitter via the CAT cables, the receiver receives the signals which is transmitted by the transmitter and display in the output devices.

The main purpose of the HDMI Extenders is that to extend the signals to short distance so that we can watch things in different locations.

There are multiple types of Extenders:

  1. HDMI Extender
    Unit: 1 Transmitter & 1 Receiver
  2. HDMI Extender Splitter
    Unit: 1 Transmitter & multiple Receivers
  3. HDMI KVM Extenders
  4. HDMI Extender Matrix
  5. HDMI Over IP Extender
  6. HDBaseT Extenders
  7. HDMI ARC Extender
  8. Wireless HDMI Extender

Different HDMI Extenders have different purpose and are used in different situations according to the requirements.

These extenders come in the variation of different supported lengths and different resolutions.

There is a general rule of the HDMI Extenders, if you increase the distance then the quality of video will decrease. So, we suggest always use a high-quality HDMI Cables with a shielded CAT6 Cable.

Generally, CAT5/5e/6 ethernet network cables works but they don’t have high bandwidth to transfer the signals so sometimes there is flickering or loss of signals and you may face blackouts or pixelation due to that. The overall experience of watching the video decreases due to that and nobody like interruption while watching your favorite videos or while streaming Netflix or Prime!

Benefits of HDMI Extenders:

- Extends the video signals to the desired length
- Able to watch same input source on single/multiple output devices
- Supports Power Over Cable Function *
- Supports Over IP Function *
- Can get ARC Support*
- Provides switching function*
- Ability to control the device by using EDID, EQ dip switches*
- Supports RS-232 Function*
- Provides the ability to connect with IR cables and control the device with remote control*
- Can use USB keyboard and mouse with the Extenders*
- HDMI Loop out port on the Transmitter unit*
- Provides multiple video resolutions up to 4K@60Hz*
- Provides Downscaling Function*
- Provides High quality sound like Dolby TrueHD*
- Provides CEC Control*

Before choosing the HDMI Extender, make a list of your requirements and then look out for the extenders which fulfills your requirements. Last but not the least, use High-Quality HDMI Cables which supports higher bandwidth and a shielded CAT6/7 Cables for optimum performance.

*Not all HDMI Extenders supports this function

June 22, 2021 — Siddhant Soneja

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