Have you ever been in a situation at work where you need to present important information on different screens across the office? Or perhaps you are a proud business owner looking to improve your store by adding multiple screens for promotions? As the digital world expands, the need for more flexible and efficient tech solutions for connecting multiple display outputs to HDMI media inputs are also continuously increasing. That’s where a matrix extender comes in. Think of it as a behind-the-scenes hero that has the power to untangle and simplify messy tech setups, helping you excel in managing complex setups and elevate your communication strategies.

In this article, we’ll be discussing how an HDMI matrix switch, or matrix extender, can help you do that – a flawless, seamless, and easy-to-setup system for your multi-display needs.

What is an HDMI Matrix Switch

At its core, an HDMI Matrix Switch is like your ticket to orchestrating a harmonious entertainment ecosystem. Unlike traditional HDMI switches that merely allow you to toggle between different sources on a single display, an HDMI matrix switch takes versatility to a different level. It gives you the possibility of connecting multiple HDMI input devices, such as your Playstation, Nintendo Switch, Blu-ray player, AppleTV, etc., and distributing their content to multiple displays.

Through a matrix switch, you can choose to display any input device on any screen, or have a single input device streamed on all displays.

To have a better appreciation of the capabilities of this device, let’s dive into some practical scenarios. 

In your home, imagine you have a TV in your living room, one in your bedroom, and another one in your home office. You have a Blu-ray player, an Xbox, and a streaming device located in your living room, but it’s movie night and you’re craving a gaming session, or you want to watch a different movie in your home office. This is where an HDMI matrix switch extender becomes your reliable aid.

By connecting all your devices to the matrix, you gain the power to select which content goes where. Meaning, you can play your favorite games on your Xbox while it’s physically in the living room and you’re inside your bedroom. On the other hand, you can also use your streaming device while you’re inside your home office. As long as all your cables run smoothly, you will have complete control over your setup. 

In a more professional or commercial setting, like in a restaurant, matrix extenders allow you to do the exact same thing. For example, you can set up 4 different 4K TVs across each section of your restaurant, and be able to control all of them from a single location. Let your customers watch sports shows on one TV, movies on the other, current events on another, and so on. 

It's important to note that matrix extenders come in various types, differing in the number of inputs and outputs they can accommodate. For example, the most common is a 4x4 matrix switch. This allows you to connect 4 input devices to 4 output display devices. However, there are also 2x2 and 8x8 matrix switches, and more. 

HDMI matrixes offer more than just being able to use different inputs for every display output. Here are some more benefits you can get from using this device.

  1. Streamlined Entertainment Management and Device Harmony

As depicted earlier, a matrix extender serves as your central command center. With it, you can effortlessly manage multiple entertainment sources from one location. Whether it’s gaming consoles, streaming devices, or virtually any other HDMI media device, everything becomes easily accessible and controllable, greatly simplifying and enhancing your entertainment experience.

  1. Enhanced Flexibility and Tailored Experiences

With a matrix, customization meets convenience. It understands that with different rooms, there are different preferences. Whether you're hosting a movie marathon or diving into a gaming adventure, each space can be tailored to its unique preferences.

  1. Consistent Quality and Effortless Sharing

Experience the magic of consistent quality across all your displays. This type of HDMI extender ensures that the same high-quality content can be streamed across multiple displays, provided that your displays support the intended resolution.

  1. Simplified Multi-Tasking and Guest-Friendly Setups

Using a matrix, you can be a stellar host for various occasions, be it work-related, recreational, or family gatherings. With this device, you can be ready for any setup that any occasion may require.

  1. Investment in a Future-Proof Setup

The matrix isn't just about the present; it's designed for the future. Its compatibility with upcoming devices and formats ensures your investment remains relevant as technology evolves. Moreover, matrix switches have high adaptability. Enjoy your entertainment seamlessly across various spaces, from cozy interiors to vibrant outdoor setups. It's entertainment without limits.

Now, to make your experience even more real, let’s continue our discussion with an actual HDMI matrix switch extender – the OREI UHD44-EX230-K.


This HDMI matrix extender is designed to make it easy for you to share 4 different input devices with 4 display outputs. What’s great about this specific model is that you can stream at distances of up to 70 meters away – in full 4K UHD resolution – over a single CAT5e/6/7 cable. And again, because this product is a matrix, you will have the power to send the same input to all 4 outputs, or have a specific input device be streamed on a specific output device. It supports video resolutions of up to 4K@60Hz.

The UHD44-EX230-K is equipped with an audio extraction capability which allows you to connect it to a soundbar, home theater, or other types of sound systems. This product is also equipped with the latest Power-Over-Cable (POC) technology which means that you do not need a separate power adapter for all the Receivers. The Transmitter sends the required power to all the Receivers along the connected CAT cables.

Finally, it comes equipped with an Infrared Blaster Kit. With it, you can remotely control your source devices from any of your remote locations or control your display devices from the source location, making it very easy for you to control all of your devices regardless of where you are.

Interested in learning more or purchasing this product? Click here to review all relevant information, as well as a video tutorial on how you can easily set up this device.

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May 01, 2024 — Bilal Kothawala

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