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SplitExtend HDMI Splitter Extender Adapter allows you to add 2 extra displays to your setup other than the existing display. Perfect for computers or laptops that do not have multiple HDMI ports. You can mirror or extend your displays to improve productivity. Supported operating systems: Windows 11, 10, 7, 8.1 For MAC: Mac OS 10.10 or higher. Recommended: InstantView display application with UI. Support macOS 13 Ventura, 12 Monterey, 11 Big Sur, and 10.15 Catalina including MacBook Air/Pro (M1/M2 & Intel-powered). On Mac, screen rotation is not available and clamshell mode is only available on macOS 12 when the laptop is connected to its power adapter. Android 7.1 and above is required for Android devices. USB Host Mode needs to be enabled on the Android device. Android devices only support mirroring mode with resolutions up to 1080P.