HDMI (EARC/ARC) To Digital Audio Converter, DTS@5.1 (DA41)

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  • Converts the HDMI (eARC/ARC) source into the digital audio output of Toslink (optical) and coaxial simultaneously
  • Supports PCM 5.1 / LPCM 2.0 Channel
  • Supports Dolby@5.1, DTS@5.1

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OREI DA41 eARC & ARC to Digital Audio Converter

Key Features:


  • Converts the audio signal from TV ARC/ eARC source into the digital audio output of Toslink (optical) and coaxial simultaneously.
  • Input: HDMI ARC/ eARC, Output: Toslink/SPDIF and Coaxial.
  • Supports PCM5.1 / LPCM 2.0 Channel, HDMI Input to Optical/Coaxial 5.1 Output Headphone Output.
  • Doesn't Support CEC: Coaxial or Optical Port, Volume can not be controlled by TV Remote
  • Please use HDMI 2.1 cable in order for eARC support
  • Supports Dolby@5.1, DTS@5.1, Power on/off switch, and LED indicator.
  • It has a power on/off switch with an LED indicator
  • Easy to install and simple to operate
  • NOTE: It will not work with Dolby AC3/ Dolby Digital Plus etc.
  • Troubleshooting NOTE: When using the ARC function, the volume needs to be adjusted by your audio device. Make sure it is the HDMI ARC port of the connected TV and switch to the "on" state.

The Orei DA41 is an HDMI audio converter that converts eARC/ ARC audio signals to digital audio signals.

It has one HDMI input and two digital audio outputs, one Toslink and one Coaxial.

This converter supports stereo LPCM 2.0, Dolby@5.1, and DTS@5.1, and has an LED indicator light. Many of today's newer televisions are smart TVs with built-in media streaming capability or lack other audio outputs. This DA41 is the simplest and budget-friendly solution for sending audio from an ARC-enabled TV to an external audio system for 5.1 surrounding sounds.