USB2.0 Over CAT6/7 Extender Up To 100M/330ft - Power over Cable (USB-EXB330-K)

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  • 200Mbps USB 2.0 Extender Over CAT 6
  • Extending distance of up to 330ft
  • Connect 2 devices like Printer or USB Drive to control remotely

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USB-EXB330-K: USB2.0 Over CAT6/7 Extender Up To 100M

Key Features:
  • Features USB 2.0 Protocol
  • Transmission rate up to 200Mbps
  • Extension up to 100m/328ft over a CAT 6/7 cable
  • 2 USB 2.0 Outputs to connect 2 devices (e.g.: Printer, USB Drive, etc.)
  • Power Over Cable feature requires power adapter at one end only.
  • Plug and Play installation. No drivers required
  • Compact & robust design
The USB-EXB330-K Extender can take a USB signal and extend it up to 330 feet (~100M). The device features 2 USB2.0 extensions to connect devices such as USB Drives, Printers, etc. to control them remotely. Features Power Over Cable technology. This means that only one power adapter is required to power the whole setup. Simple plug-and-play setup. No driver installation is required. Useful in a wide range of commercial and professional setups.